Media Relations

Don’t let the news happen to you. Engage.

Effective media relations are based on real relationships, not transactions. Press releases alone do not move audiences, and social media followers do not measure influence. To successfully advance a message, you need trust. To push-back when necessary, you need credibility. We have both.

The Lafayette Company has the relationships, the reach, and the proven track record to help you build, execute, and measure a comprehensive media relations campaign that will secure the victories that truly matter.

Strategy & Content

Be more than heard. Influence.

Our research-driven solutions are built on the foundation that message, audience and medium all work together or not at all. Simply pushing more content into inboxes and on social platforms that are already oversaturated will not work.

Your message — in your voice, reflective of your priorities — can find its audience, and it will make a difference. Success requires a cohesive strategy where tailored content resonates personally with targeted audiences. From editorials to speeches, from ad campaigns to promotional materials, our approach always ensures right message, right audience, right medium.

Crisis Communications

It’s not enough to survive the storm. Navigate to calmer waters.

‘Crisis’: a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

In times of crisis, real world experience matters and, when applied properly, it can be the difference between surviving and thriving. The Lafayette Company is a trusted partner in times of crisis. We sift through the noise and respond to what is driving the chaos. We deliver clarity and restore control.

We recognize that it is not ‘if’ a crisis is coming, but rather, only a matter of when. We help build the essential elements every organization needs to be prepared so when the crisis comes, you are ready to engage.

Advocacy Services

Know your friends and the landscape.

To navigate public affairs challenges, you need two things: the right people and the right road map. This powerful combination can turn problems into opportunities and can make big goals achievable.

We’ve spent nearly 15 years developing the coalitions and partnerships that get things done. We understand the intricacies of the ever-shifting policy landscape, and we know how to identify and collaborate with the allies it takes to win.

Event Management

Expand your reach – exponentially.

Conferences, seminars, speaking engagements and media appearances offer unique venues for message promotion, audience expansion and press coverage. To seize these opportunities, it takes more than just being present.

Whether you are vetting outside event opportunities or creating your own, your ROI hinges on the alignment of strategic content, event logistics, promotions and media relations. The Lafayette Company understands the importance — and complexity — involved in maximizing event exposure. Our experience and know-how make us uniquely qualified to ensure you are on the right stage and in front of the right audience. We create a strategic game plan focusing on coalitions, audience influencers and the press, covering every detail to expand your reach, exponentially.

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