National Review: A Pandemic of Error

In mid March, as the global economy closed for business and the frightful and deadly phase of America’s coronavirus pandemic began in earnest, I started a daily email update to a list of friends and colleagues. I had a background in public relations, and in health-care policymaking in particular, and I had hoped to cut through … Continued

National Review: The Truth about Huey Long

Dr. Carl A. Weiss Jr. died on August 1, 2019. It’s not typically considered newsworthy by the New York Times when a retired orthopedic surgeon passes away at the age of 84, but Weiss was more than a physician. He was the son of the man who shot Huey P. Long. Or so we were taught.

CNN: Ellen Carmichael on GOP minority outreach

President of The Lafayette Company and GOP strategist Ellen Carmichael said Republicans’ efforts to reach out to minority voters and impoverished Americans can at times be frustrating but that she sees reasons for optimism in her party’s rising stars who “really get it.”