National Review: Huey Long Was Wrong

Nearly a century after his death, the Kingfish is making a comeback. Fans of the late Louisiana politician Huey P. Long can be found across the partisan divide, with populist conservatives and socialist Democrats embracing his message of economic equality under the banner of “Every man a king.”

National Review: The Inhumanity of Joe Biden’s Travel Ban

In January 2021, my husband and I happily welcomed our first child. While no one could foresee just how many challenges and sacrifices would be required of pregnancy and birth during a pandemic, we certainly didn’t anticipate how long they’d last after she was born. Our heartache was not borne of the virus itself, but instead … Continued

Newsletter: Break out the Party Horns!

Break out the party horns, because today is our sixth birthday! To commemorate the occasion, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website, designed by John Ekdahl and Charles Cooke at Astroluxe Innovations and with Jim Gianiny at Veritas Solutions. Take a look around, and please let us know what you think! Since founding The Lafayette … Continued

Reason Magazine: Victim-Blaming During a Pandemic Doesn’t Make People Safer

As National Review’s Ellen Carmichael* pointed out, “In no other health circumstance would such brutality toward the afflicted be tolerated. We do not deem individuals who become sick by engaging in known ‘risky behaviors’—unsafe sex, abuse of alcohol, drug use, poor diet, smoking, dangerous driving—as deserving of pain and misery

National Review: COVID-19 Ghouls and Scolds Blame Victims

On Tuesday evening, Congressman-elect Luke Letlow’s (R., La.) family announced that he passed away at the age of 41 due to complications from COVID-19. He left behind a young family, including two small children, as well as a vast network of friends in Louisiana and Washington, D.C., all devastated by his passing.

National Review: Vaccine Scare Tactics Are a Threat to Public Health

The media and Democrats have focused much of their criticism of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic on his failures to clearly communicate legitimate health guidance to the public. Recent revelations from taped interviews with Bob Woodward have added fuel to this fire, with the president’s detractors accusing him of downplaying the dangers of COVID-19 … Continued